Handwritten note to customer

An answer to prayer

So excited and humbled at the same time that God used me to bless a customer this week.  I decided recently that I would pray for each customer and include a word for each order I post. Today I received this reply from a lady who bought a t shirt on the weekend. I was so touched by her response that it led me to tears:

"This is a message for Gina. She sent me a note with my order which contained a word of encouragement. She felt God say "rest". Please let her know it was 100% spot on. It confirmed to me a decision I was wrestling with. I am exhausted due to work commitments and also the fostering of adults with learning disabilities. God has been pointing it out to me that I should give up my paid employment and concentrate on the fostering. It is scary to give that up as fostering can be tricky with regards to people deciding to move on and finances becoming stretched. Yesterday I handed in my notice, just as yesterday, you wrote this note to me. This is confirmation that He is in this journey with us (we believed this to be so).Thank you for listening to Him and being obedient in passing on the word. God is good all the time, all the time God is good.
Thank you and may He continue to bless you."

This just shows that God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways to be a blessing to others. All we have to do is be obedient.