A picture of Joe wearing the 'I am not ashamed' t shirt.

UNITY Step (Remix)

I was so excited when this video landed in my inbox. Not only does this video feature one of our most popular T-Shirts with the slogan, 'I am not ashamed', it proves that the gospel brings together the most unlikely of people for God's glory.

The UNITY Step Remix brings together 5 rappers from different backgrounds around England. The track features Aaron P'Reach, Kirk Rhema, J-Chief, J.Walker of (TLD) and Ghost Lotus.  The artists come from Secondary schools and postcodes that are supposed to be at war with each other, such as: J-Chief being from Peckham, SE15 and J.Walker being from Lewisham, SE14. There was a time when they would have been in opposition to each other but they have been able to work together to further the Gospel message.