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Mission Statement

I set up JC Threads in 2010 with a mission to introduce a more mature range of Christian T-Shirts to the clothing market.  I wanted my designs to reflect what I had experienced in my walk with God. Each time I have a new revelation of who God is in my life, a new design emerges. I want to share what God is saying to me, with others, to help encourage them in their faith.

I now also make pottery so do head on over to the pottery page to check out some of my latest products. Feel free to contact me on sales@jcthreads.co.uk if you would like something commissioned.

I believe that through my creativity, I am able to bless people and ultimately glorify the One who gave me this gift, through the products I make.

I have come across so many Christians who live in fear and are unaware of the authority that they have in Christ. It is my hope that when people put on my clothing, they are putting on the armour of God. I want people to be empowered by wearing my slogans; which come from the truth that is in the word, and I continually urge them not to believe the lies of the enemy.

If you are reading this and have accepted Christ as your Saviour, I want you to know that you are a child of God, purchased with the precious blood of Jesus. You are the apple of His eye and He loves you more than you will ever fathom. He created you for a purpose and has a plan for your life. He is a good Father and longs to be close to you. Nothing can ever separate you from His love. You are forgiven forever and your future is secure in eternity. Never forget that you are PRICELESS because Jesus gave up His life on a cross, so that you could be free forever.