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16th September

23rd September

30th September

7th October


21st October

4th November

11th November

18th November

VENUE: The Hub (Upper Beeding Baptist Church) BN44 3HP.

TIME: 10am to 1pm

COST: Each session is £40. If you would like to come to all four sessions then there is a discount of £20 off the total cost, making it £140 if all four are booked and paid in advance. Costs include refreshments, cakes/biscuits, clay, tools, a bisque firing, and a glaze firing.

I have a maximum of 6 students per class so that I can give individual attention to each person. Please email me on sales@jcthreads.co.uk if you would like to book your place.


I started making pottery during lockdown and found it hugely beneficial to my mental well-being at a time of real uncertainty and anxiety. It was my ‘happy place’ and I knew that I could turn to pottery at any time as a form of mindfulness, to help with the with the stress of my job and the pressures of life.

I realised that I could help others with their mental well-being too by teaching them what I had learnt so I started running pottery classes in 2021. The classes are designed in such a way to make everyone, irrespective of their creative ability, feel at ease about learning how to make pottery.

During the class we make pottery using various hand building techniques like pinch pots, coiling and slab building. It such a fun way of de stressing and forgetting about the worries of the week. I start each class with a short mediation which everyone finds extremely calming and puts them in a creative mood.

My vision is to make pottery be a form of creative therapy. I want to be able to especially help those who struggle with loneliness, and suffer with anxiety and depression. I want to be part of the solution in bringing long term social and mental health benefits to our local community.  


Students have said that making pottery brings them great joy and pleasure.  It is great to see that my pottery classes have impacted a lot of people and have greatly improved their physical and mental well being. Some of their testimonials are below:

“I started doing pottery with Gina when I was going through a period of high anxiety and depression. She encouraged me to take time out to tap into my creative side and for that I am immensely grateful. The pottery classes she provides start with some mindful meditation to get you in the right place in your head and then continue in a supportive and informative way. I find the classes immensely helpful for my mental health and the outcomes are really satisfying! I also find having this space to create helps me to focus better on other things going forward. Highly recommended.” Ella

“Gina is one of the best artists and teachers. A 3-hour-pottery class with her went like 30minutes. It was creative and therapeutic with relaxing music and the peaceful meditation to begin. Thanks and look forward to seeing you again soon.” Pannika

“Had my first ever pottery class with Gina. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, Gina explained everything so well she made the basics seem easy, and despite dropping my first piece justas I finished it    Gina rescued it and the final glazed and fired pot is “imperfectly perfect” as Gina put it! What I hadn’t expected, but loved, was the mindfulness aspect of our class. The relaxing, soothing nature of just molding clay with your hands, not overthinking, with soft music and light talk if we wanted to, was wonderful.” Sharon

“We moved to WestSussex a year ago, while Co-vid restrictions were still in place.Hence starting a new life hasn't been easy. As things slowly opened up my husband found Gina’s pottery classes, something I’d always wanted to try. From the very first class,Gina made me feel at ease, starting each class with a short meditation session which instantly is calming. It is 3 hours of total escapism, while you concentrate on the pottery. were you can forget any worries you may have. Gina is an excellent teacher who is passionate about what she does and is always on hand to help where needed so that her students finish the class with a piece they are very proud they have created. Drinks and delicious homemade cakes are provided during the classroom.

I come home absolutely delighted with what I’ve made each week and signed up for a second set of classes as I enjoyed it so much.

It’s certainly been a huge benefit to me. Gina is a genuine lovely lady and I cannot recommend her classes highly enough.“ Carol

Note from Ian (Carol’s husband): “Carol comes home from pottery class in a very buzzy mood. My problem now is that I have to build a shelf for our growing collection of pottery items!”