Image of affirmation A7 notecards

An attitude of gratitude

When was the last time you told your kids how amazing they are, or your colleagues that they are valued? Do you tell your friends how much you appreciate them or tell teachers what a great inspiration they are? Do you think of thanking the person at the checkout or post office?

We need to create an attitude of gratitude. It is so important to place worth and value in others because God has placed worth and value in us. You can show others you care or appreciate them by giving them one of our cute little A7 notecards available on our website. I call them my affirmation cards. I thrive on affirmation and I have really been challenged recently to notice and value those around me, that is why I created these cards. So why not buy a few of these and bless your friends, family, colleagues, strangers with your random acts of kindness? Such a simple act can have such a profound outcome. Together we can show the love of God and change the world around us.