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Picture of Caleb's word of encouragement

Caleb - a mighty young man of faith

I was so touched when I received this email from a lady called Alice a few months ago:

I am planning to buy one of your LIFE hoodies for my son's 15th birthday. We spent ages looking online for something that he liked but weren't really getting anywhere. Then I said 'let's stop and pray.' So I asked that God would lead us, clearly, to the right hoodie for Caleb. I turned back to the computer and had another go at google. Your website came up (and it hadn't at any time before, or at least I hadn't noticed it). When I turned to hoodies, I really liked it. When I showed Caleb, he immediately said, 'That's the one! It's JUST what I was looking for!' Praise Jesus! Isn't He awesome?

I always get excited when I receive an order from young people as it isn't easy for them to wear Christian slogans and speak to their friends about Jesus. As I prepared Caleb's order, I got a sense that God was going to use him mightily. I knew God had equipped him with enormous faith and had given him courage and the boldness to face anything in life. So I shared this with him and told him how I saw a picture of a shield which was an integral piece of his armour. I told him to read Ephesians 6:10-18.

His mum later emailed me to thank me when he had received his gift:

Dear Gina,

Caleb opened his hoodie today. He is THRILLED with it, and loves the colour (phew!!!), and the size is just right. He thinks the design of the hoodie is excellent and was very touched by your hand-written message, which he says is 'awesome'!

Many thanks again for the personal touches.

God bless,

Alice xx

You never know how your word of encouragement is going to be received, but that is not the point. The point is that God is teaching me to listen to his voice and be obedient. By me stepping out in faith, I am learning to grow in my spiritual walk and as a result I have blessed this lovely young man who will, in turn, be a witness for God!