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I am not enough Organic Unisex Blue Christian T Shirt


I am enough! Now that is something I never thought I would hear myself say. Lately I heard God speaking to me about this and it wasn’t me just imagining things. I heard the words ‘I am enough’ repeatedly over a few days and then began to unpack what this meant to me.  You see I have struggled with not being enough of a woman, because of the way I looked. I believed the lies of the enemy saying that I wasn’t a good enough mother because of how I raised my son. I was crushed by the criticism in the workplace and thought that I was useless at my job. Growing up I never measured up to what my parents expected of me so again thought that I had failed. I thought I was not a good enough daughter, wife, mother, colleague or friend but I have come to realise that it is not everyone else’s perception of me that matters - it’s God’s. If He says that ‘I am enough’ then that is what I will choose to believe about myself. Anything contrary to this is diminishing His work on the cross.

“Human nature is naturally self-consumed. We strain our necks for approval and avidly practice comparison, lacking the outward flipped perspective required to understand who we really are. We question who we really are - what our value is and what our purpose is. The pre-requisite of our identity can be found in godly priorities. By aligning our everyday lives to biblical truth, we set our internal GPS to His will. Through Scripture, creation, and purposefully placed people, we begin to discover who God says we are.

We are not the mistakes that threaten to define us but the biblical truth that proves our actual worth. We are created by Love to love as we walk with Love. We exist to make His name known. His desire is to walk with us along the way, blessing us, and filling our lives with more than we can ask for or imagine. Only by drawing close to Him, with a life prioritised to put Him first, will we witness the layers of who we are as He sees us.” taken from an article by Meg Butcher