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Picture of couple with their baby

Great testimonies from David's Tent

With only a few weeks to go before I exhibit at David’s Tent, I thought I would share a few testimonies, to raise your (and my) level of expectation for what God is going to do in and through us.

A few years ago when these lovely people came to my stand at David's Tent, they had been trying for ages to have a baby and in faith bought one of my maternity t shirts (limited edition at the time). I prayed with them that God would bless them with their heart's desires and give them a child. The following year they came back to my stand to show me their newborn baby boy Zacchaeus. The year after they brought 1 year old Zacchaeus to come and say hello and tell me that they had just found out that they were expecting a second child. Isn't God Amazing? 

Last year I heard one of the most AMAZING testimonies in the marketplace tent. A lady called Karen told me her story of how God literally saved her life. She was here at David's Tent a couple of years previously and was taken seriously ill and had days to live. God saved her life and healed her from a brain tumour and then used her to pray for another lady whose life was saved by the same physician that saved hers. 

Another lady then told me her story about how God healed her of a life long condition of Endometriosis. Kind of like the lady in the bible who had the issue of bleeding. I am constantly amazed by God. He is the God of miracles. The great physician and healer.

This is what makes David's Tent so special - it is a place of healing, restoration, wholeness, forgiveness and acceptance. It is a place to lose yourself in the wonder of His presence, to experience Him and hear Him for your life. If you are coming to David’s Tent….prepare to be blown away!