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Broken bowl

Broken yet treasured

We were made for relationship. We were created to worship. We have an inherent need to love and be loved. We were created by the Creator to be creative. We were not made to live in isolation. During lockdown I have struggled with being isolated. I need to be with people and I have found it hard not being able to see my family and friends. I have learnt to deal with this difficult time by exploring another area of my creativity. In March, when we were told we had to stay home, I decided to buy a bag of clay and try my hand at hand-building pottery. From there my journey and love for pottery making began. With each item I made I became more excited and obsessed with making another, continually striving for perfection!

Making pottery has really helped me cope through lockdown as it has helped me focus on something positive. Playing with clay is a form of mindfulness and is where I go to find my ‘happy place’. At some point in the future, I would love to help others, who are struggling with their mental health, find healing and wholeness by sharing what I have learnt.

One of the bowls I made ended up being broken whilst being fired in the kiln and it made me really sad because it was one of my favourite pieces. However, I didn’t disregard it as I still found value and purpose in it. This gorgeous bowl will take pride of place in my kitchen and it will be a constant reminder that, although I am broken, God never disregards me and never gives up on me. He will always have a purpose and a plan for my life.

I am so excited about introducing a new range of gift items to my website and invite you to take a look at the pottery page to check out what I have made. There are more products added on a weekly basis so like our Facebook page or Instagram page so you do not miss out on the updates.